Oase HeatUp

For aquarium inhabitants, it is extremely important to have a uniform water temperature that is appropriate for the species, and that is consistent. Temperature fluctuations can lead to stress and a possibly life-threatening situation for fish and other aquarium inhabitants. The oxygen content of the water is also temperature-dependent. Adding a heater to your aquarium is the best way to create and maintain uniform temperature levels.

Oase HeatUp line of aquarium heaters provides uniform temperature levels for your freshwater or marine aquarium environment. The robust double insulated quartz glass tube provides additional safety for aquarium use. The control system has a secondary knob for accurate readjustment of the temperature (+/- 2°F). Additionally, Oase HeatUps is designed with automated heating and a thermal shutoff switch for added protection. Oase HeatUp heaters have filter integration capabilities, combining filtration and heating into one location; HeatUp 50-400 can be easily integrated into FiltoSmart and BioMaster filters.

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