Diameter 8 mm
~ 50liter tank

Diameter 12 mm
~ 100liter tank

Diameter 17 mm
100~200liter tank

Diameter 24 mm
200liter tank~


Ideal Brightness

The Twinstar B-line is an excellent range when it comes to freshwater aquariums. Providing a large collection of RGB LEDs. Coupled with its high efficiency and controllability with optional Twinstar controllers, this light comes with everything you need for any system. Providing a colour temperature of 7500K, the Twinstar B-line aquarium light boasts Full spectrum RGB-W LED’s that remains bright while providing vibrant colouration of animals and plants a-like. A premium brand at a pocket saving price, Now available from AQUATIX
The most budget-friendly line by Twinstar


Twinstar's latest B Line, is The most pocket-friendly W-RBG aquarium lighting in the market.
Perfect for hobbyists who are interested in a lightweight, slim LED light for their planted aquarium

Bring Nature Indoors

Bring nature into your own home with the biOrb AIR. Light, humidity conditions, and air supply are all automatically regulated so growing tropical plants is a breeze.
Aquascaping Tools

Ultum Nature Systems

Ultum Nature Systems Stainless Steel Tools are made by hobbyists for hobbyists. Crafted with quality materials, our line of essential aquascaping tools are rust-resistant, durable and meant to last for years and become a permanent part of the aquarist’s tool belt. Utilizing tools designed for aquatic plant propagation and aquarium maintenance contributes to the success of a planted aquarium tank.

Feel the difference with Ultum Nature System’s line of premium essential aquascaping tool collection.